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Sierra Leone 2017

The 2014-2015 Ebola epidemic severely impacted the Western African nations of Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 14,000 people were infected in Sierra Leone, out of which more than 4,000 died and left families and children behind. CWB-USA is partnering with CWB-Sweden to bring resilience, spark moments of joy, […]

South Sudan 2017

Clowns Without Borders in South Sudan The ongoing civil war in South Sudan has left thousands of families without homes and hope. Many children have witnessed alarming levels of violence and experienced trauma that is very distressing and heartbreaking. The war has stripped them of their fundamental children’s rights – to laugh, to play, to dream, […]

Kenya 2016

We are thrilled by the efforts of our incredible team of four artists who shared performances and workshops with the people living in the Kakuma Refugee Camp, the largest and oldest refugee camp in the world. This project is our second year of partnership with UNHCR Kenya, and we are grateful to bring laughter and smiles […]

Kenya 2015

At the end of August, CWB-USA will be visiting the Kakuma Refugee Camp of Turkana County, the north west region of Kenya. In partnership with the UNHCR, four artists from the US, Mexico, and South Africa, will complete an 18 day program sharing workshops and performances with children and their families throughout the camp.

South Sudan 2014

We are partnering with CWB South Africa, CWB Sweden, and Terre des Hommes to share laughter with children in South Sudan. Our program of free shows and workshops will run from 16-27 September. Learn more about the joyful work here!

Kenya 2011

Shea FreeLove and Colleen Roberts on a expedition to Kenya, Africa. Our tour is sponsored by Clowns Without Borders and the generous citizens of Arcata and Harbin. We will be spreading the smiles to orphanages, schools and will visit the village where Barack Obama’s father was born.

Ethiopia 2010

Selena (CWB USA) Jamie (CWB SA) and Sibongile (CWB SA) are in Addis Ababa setting up a local capacity building project in partnership with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. From Feb 16th through Feb 28th they will be meeting with people at WWO, performing shows, teaching workshops, and leading training workshops.

Cairo 2010

Gwen and Elisa return to Cairo for their fifth project. This time joined by Nate Dixon and three local artists, Maysara, Nora and Jakob who perform with the Cairo based group: El Khayal El Sha’bi, which means, The Folkloric Imagination.

South Africa 2009

CWBSA has established successful links with Woza Moya and has followed their support by organising a show to be done in schools within the area. The shows held at its core the intentions to create joy, laughter and happiness. It also aimed to promote activities that inspire creativity and action. After a week of rehearsals, the creation of a 1 hour circus show including hilarious clowning, juggling, magic cigar boxes, tricky sticks, break dance, acrobatics and tumbling was choreographed to music which was used during the rural tour.

Sudan 2009

In May of this year, Clowns Without Borders traveled to Sudan to bring fun and laughter to children who have lived through war, poverty and displacement. Using contemporary clowns and circus performances and workshops, CWB taught children new skills and helped pull communities together in celebration.

Cairo 2008

Project Egypt visited Cairo, Egypt for the fourth year in a row. The majority of the children we saw were refugees from Sudan living in inner-city Cairo. Some other groups we visited were Egyptian orphans, street kids, children with cancer or developmental disabilities and refugees from Iraq, Palestine, Eritrea and other counties.

Cairo 2007

When we first clowned for the girls they were quite shy and unsure about all of our strange, silly behavior. Nevertheless, last year, when we returned and performed a second time, the girls seemed to remember us and they enjoyed our show a whole lot more. As for our most recent visit, I am very pleased to report that the girls were ecstatic to see us again, and that they laughed thoroughly at our clownish proceedings. Not only that, they seemed to have been anticipating our return and had much they wished to share with us: particularly acrobatics!

Cairo 2006

Gwendolyn Rooker and Elisa Lane return to Cairo, Egypt for three weeks of performances and workshops focused towards Sudanese refugees. We also perform again at some of the institutions we visited on our first trip to Cairo in February 2006.

Lesotho 2006

Over the past month and a half, we have performed 29 times for over 5,000 children while teaching 3 week-long workshops on life skills and emotional well being as well as the most recent workshop on drama to an adult community theatre group. Our trip has taken us to some of the most rural areas in Lesotho – villages one can only get to via pony or foot – as well as the outskirts of Maseru, the capital.