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India 2016

Clowns Without Borders USA is excited by another great mission in India this year. Our aim is to share playfulness and laughter with people in communities as well as with local performers and social workers in India. We are teaming up with Indian performer and clown teacher Sukhmani Kohl. Sukhmani has been wonderfully helpful in […]

Nepal 2015

We’re going to Nepal! On November 5th, myself and clown fellow Juliana Frick are heading out to Kathmandu for two circus-filled weeks. We’ll be working directly with local Nepalese artists to not only share skills but to embark on a nine-day trip performing for displacement sites reaching thousands of children. We’ll end our two-week trip with several days of performances in Kathmandu.

The Philippines 2014

From January 27th to February 9th 2014 CWB partnered with Plan International in the Philippines for a second time. The first tour, made during the 2013 holiday season, reached over 13,000 children and families recovering from Typhoon Haiyan. For this second project a group of 5 clowns led two intensive workshops for a total of 80 youth (ages 17-36) over 6 days. The workshops focused on performance building skills and ways to share stories through the arts. The clowns also performed for communities in East Samar, Tacloban & Leyte.

The Philippines 2013

Clowns Without Borders partners with Plan International and CWB Australia to provide shows and laughter for the Philippines over the Christmas Holiday. The clowns performed in some of the worst hit communities following Typhoon Haiyan. Michael O’Neill, Matthew Poki McCorkle, Briar Seyb-Hayden (from CWB Australia), and Jpeace Love Circus comprise our side-splitting team. We are thankful to these artists for volunteering to share their holiday season with our neighbors in the Philippines.

Myanmar/Burma 2013

For Project Burma 2013, Moshe Cohen (cwb-usa founder) spent over two weeks in Yangon teaching workshops and performing with local theater group Thukhama Khayeethe, March 6-23, 2013. He also conducted two staff trainings with Medecins Du Monde.

Indonesia 2012

CWB is rejuvenating our collaboration with our partners in Indonesia! Follow along as the adventure begins in late April, 2012.

Myanmar/Burma 2012

CWB USA partnered with CWB France and Sweden in a three year long initiative in Burma (2010-2013.) The project focused on bringing the fun and funny into the Children’s Training Schools in Yangon area as well as collaborating with Burmese artists. Clowns Without Borders worked with Thukhuma Khayathe, a unique local theater group, to create an ongoing program of comic theater workshops in the training schools, and to offer healthy, balanced, joyful learning activities to the children through creative expression and movement from the worlds of clown, mime, circus and theater.

India 2012

The intention of this project is to work in areas within India that are crisis zones among populations of children that have been marginalized by society and living in extreme poverty.

Japan 2011

Situation: In response to the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March of 2011, CWB-USA founder Moshe Cohen traveled there to join Guy Totaro in performing and teaching in shelters, schools, and evacuation centers as well as teaching performance workshops for local professionals in a project with the Tyler Foundation called Niko Niko Taichi (Shine On! Smile Ambassador). Six months after the earthquake, the effects of the disaster were still pronounced: mountains of debris, fields full of destroyed cars, demolished houses, innumerable structures in various stages of deconstruction/reconstruction, and temporary housing everywhere. There was a great amount of discussion and evidence of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) in all segments of the population.

Cambodia 2010

Join Tyler and Jon on their journey to Cambodia for the Tini Tinou festival! The two volunteer artists will also spend time performing at schools and other centers for children in Phnom Penh and Battambang. Fresh off of their stint at the Berkshire Fringe Festival, Jon and Tyler are ready to bring laughter to the people of Cambodia. Jon and Tyler base there clowning operations in San Francisco where they produce the Clown Cabaret at the Climate Theater. Jon and Tyler have performed and worked with Circus Smirkus, Theater Works, Camp Winnarainbow, Shakespeare Santa Cruz, and Theatro Zinzanni. Beyond their work with Pi, Jon and Tyler are professional circus arts teachers. With their powers combined they form a clown duo the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Myanmar/Burma 2010

Moshe Cohen was the US artist in this project. Afterwards, he stayed on in Yangon to do 5 shows with the Belgian-Myanmar group.
At the same time he offered training sessions to Activity Facilitators who work with children in Training Schools and Child Friendly Spaces of disadvantaged areas. The training was similar to the delta workshops in focus, taking the work further by Moshe’s participation in AF activities in the field, thus providing hands on training.
This winter the international CWB push as all of last years groups are sending performances to Myanmar. Moshe Cohen will focus on working in the Training Schools, in Yangon and in Mandalay. He will be offering performances and furthering last year’s training with Activity Facilitators with more workshops and field trainings.

Indonesia 2010

Anna Zastrow joins Dan Roberts and D’dy Soker (Indonesia based Hidung Merah artists) in Sumatra.
I have now been in Indonesia almost two weeks and it is time to report in! I am here joining Dan Roberts and his Hidung Merah (Red Nose) Circus and together we will bring clown joy to children living in disadvantaged or distressed conditions.
We are visiting poor villages around Jakarta, as well as the earthquake victims of Padang, and will possibly venture to Aceh, still recovering from the 2004 tsunami and civil unrest, or Sulawesi, where communities are caught up in religious conflict.

India 2009 “Muskurahat”

CWB traveled to India in December 2009 to work and clown with children and adults affected by HIV/AIDS, street children and children with limited access to education from tribal areas in the state of Maharashtra.

Myanmar/Burma 2009

Situation: The purpose in bringing CWB to Burma is to bring all the laughter and smiles possible; in a positive atmosphere; and in a collaborative effort with Myanmar artists. This project was in response to communities affected by Cyclone Nargis in May 2008.