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Myanmar/Burma 2013

For Project Burma 2013, Moshe Cohen (cwb-usa founder) spent over two weeks in Yangon teaching workshops and performing with local theater group Thukhama Khayeethe, March 6-23, 2013. He also conducted two staff trainings with Medecins Du Monde.

Myanmar/Burma 2012

CWB USA partnered with CWB France and Sweden in a three year long initiative in Burma (2010-2013.) The project focused on bringing the fun and funny into the Children’s Training Schools in Yangon area as well as collaborating with Burmese artists. Clowns Without Borders worked with Thukhuma Khayathe, a unique local theater group, to create an ongoing program of comic theater workshops in the training schools, and to offer healthy, balanced, joyful learning activities to the children through creative expression and movement from the worlds of clown, mime, circus and theater.

Myanmar/Burma 2010

Moshe Cohen was the US artist in this project. Afterwards, he stayed on in Yangon to do 5 shows with the Belgian-Myanmar group.
At the same time he offered training sessions to Activity Facilitators who work with children in Training Schools and Child Friendly Spaces of disadvantaged areas. The training was similar to the delta workshops in focus, taking the work further by Moshe’s participation in AF activities in the field, thus providing hands on training.
This winter the international CWB push as all of last years groups are sending performances to Myanmar. Moshe Cohen will focus on working in the Training Schools, in Yangon and in Mandalay. He will be offering performances and furthering last year’s training with Activity Facilitators with more workshops and field trainings.

Myanmar/Burma 2009

Situation: The purpose in bringing CWB to Burma is to bring all the laughter and smiles possible; in a positive atmosphere; and in a collaborative effort with Myanmar artists. This project was in response to communities affected by Cyclone Nargis in May 2008.