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Kenya 2016

We are thrilled by the efforts of our incredible team of four artists who shared performances and workshops with the people living in the Kakuma Refugee Camp, the largest and oldest refugee camp in the world. This project is our second year of partnership with UNHCR Kenya, and we are grateful to bring laughter and smiles […]

Kenya 2015

At the end of August, CWB-USA will be visiting the Kakuma Refugee Camp of Turkana County, the north west region of Kenya. In partnership with the UNHCR, four artists from the US, Mexico, and South Africa, will complete an 18 day program sharing workshops and performances with children and their families throughout the camp.

Kenya 2011

Shea FreeLove and Colleen Roberts on a expedition to Kenya, Africa. Our tour is sponsored by Clowns Without Borders and the generous citizens of Arcata and Harbin. We will be spreading the smiles to orphanages, schools and will visit the village where Barack Obama’s father was born.