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Nepal 2015

We’re going to Nepal! On November 5th, myself and clown fellow Juliana Frick are heading out to Kathmandu for two circus-filled weeks. We’ll be working directly with local Nepalese artists to not only share skills but to embark on a nine-day trip performing for displacement sites reaching thousands of children. We’ll end our two-week trip with several days of performances in Kathmandu.

Nepal 2004

The expedition, a return to Nepal by Desastrosus Cirkus and Moshe Cohen was funded by Spanish acrobat Elsa Moreno, who died last year of a blood disease and was a friend to all those participating in the expedition.
The main destination of this expedition were the Bhutanese Refugee Camps located on the South Eastern Edge of Nepal where approximately 110 000 of 150 000 Bhutanese refugees in Nepal live. Returning to a number of NGO’s in Kathmandu was also on the agenda, as well as a trip to the Children’s hospital and the Tibetan Reception Center.

Nepal 2003

They are running towards us, spilling out onto the dirt road like monsoon flood waters.

Eighteen thousand Bhutanese refugees surging forward in a sea of small brown hands.

They are all reaching to touch the clowns who have traveled over great oceans and mountains, across a thousand rivers to this strange Fellini movie of a place, Nepal.