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South Africa 2009

CWBSA has established successful links with Woza Moya and has followed their support by organising a show to be done in schools within the area. The shows held at its core the intentions to create joy, laughter and happiness. It also aimed to promote activities that inspire creativity and action. After a week of rehearsals, the creation of a 1 hour circus show including hilarious clowning, juggling, magic cigar boxes, tricky sticks, break dance, acrobatics and tumbling was choreographed to music which was used during the rural tour.

Njabulo: KwaZulu-Natal 2006

Most days, I couldn’t wait to perform for the kids. I’d wake up so excited to do the show that I would be ready an hour early and have to sit around in my striped socks and goofy glasses saying, “is it time yet?”. What a clown nerd. Oh, and I finally got my clown a dress. Jamie says it makes my clown look more gentle. Which is good because my clown is kinda punchy. Also we’ve managed to work my bad magic in! Now it’s not embarrassing, it’s funny. – Alice Nelson

Njabulo: South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho 2005

“It brings tears of joy to my eyes to see the work that you are doing. There are only two things you can give a child that no one can take away and those are memories and education. You do both. To teach a child how to make others laugh while laughing himself must be one of the greatest gifts you can give. I am so proud to be associated with Clowns Without Borders!” – Kathy Poulter, Director of Makaphutu Children’s Village in Kwazulu/Natal, South Africa

South Africa 2004

The Expedition to South Africa was Clowns Without Borders first mission to the region. Four clowns – Jamie McLaren Lachman (Project Coordinator), Elizabeth Turkel, Tim Cunningham, and Jonathan Gunning – participated in the trip which lasted from November 20th to December 12th. They performed 22 times for over 3,500 orphans affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis, working with 16 different local community aid organizations traveling over 5,000 miles through Mpumalanga, KwaZulu/Natal, the Free State, Lesotho, and the Western Cape.