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Balkan Route

Two clowns are traveling along the Balkan Route, performing for refugees who are stuck in no man’s land, waiting between borders for access to the European Union.

The Balkans 2004

Clowns Yvette Feuer and Bruce Macphail traveled for two and a half weeks in Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina doing a total of 27 shows and 16 workshops and reaching just under 2000 children.
We decided to put together this trip to the Balkans in the Spring 2004 and it took 5 months between the time we decided to go and the completion of the trip. Crucial financial support came from the Merdith Russell Travel Grant from Sarah Lawrence College which covered the expenses and the equipment. We are also indebted to support from family and friends to make this expedition possible. For two and a half weeks we did shows and workshops in various locations including schools, orphanages, mentally handicapped homes and refugee settlements.