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Nepal 2015

Circus Kathmandu meet Clowns Without Borders!

By Micael Bogar

Micael Bogar and Gaby Munoz in the Philippines 2014.

We’re going to Nepal! On November 5th, myself and clown fellow Juliana Frick are heading out to Kathmandu for two circus-filled weeks. We’ll be working directly with local Nepalese artists to not only share skills but to embark on a nine-day trip performing for displacement sites reaching thousands of children. We’ll end our two-week trip with several days of performances in Kathmandu.

Following the two massive earthquakes earlier in 2015, 2.8 million people require assistance. There are 586 displacement sites each ranging in size from around 200 – 8,000 people, all temporarily housing thousands of vulnerable children. The displacement sites are tent towns that were established in April and May of this year.

We’ll be working hand in hand with Circus Kathmandu, a burgeoning circus troupe formed in 2010. Circus Kathmandu is made up of thirteen young Nepalese artists who have been rescued from trafficking and the streets and have turned to contemporary circus to build their self-esteem and to chart a path out of stigmatism and poverty.

After a three-day workshop in Kathmandu with Circus Kathmandu artists, we’ll travel with a core team of US and Nepalese artists to seven displacement sites within the Kathmandu Valley, reaching several thousand children to provide creative relief amongst people who have lost their homes, livelihoods, sense of security and families and friends.

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