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Are you our next project partner?

Are you our next project partner? Do you work with a population we should serve? Are you an organizer who believes in resilience in laughter?

Clowns Without Borders is looking for more project partners to expand our programming. We always work with a local partner, and make sure never to go anywhere we aren’t invited. In other words, we don’t choose a location, we look for a partner we can collaborate with.

It can take months, or even years, of organizing, collaborating, and fundraising to make a project happen. Building new relationships with project partner helps us stay agile.

Are you an organizer in your community?

Sometimes we work with big organizations, like UNHCR Kenya or Terres des Hommes. Often, we work with grassroots organizations or organizers, like MJC (Haiti) or FUNDACCO (Nicaragua). Whether you’re affiliated with a large organization, or a small one, we want to hear from you!

Do you serve an audience we should perform for?

We most broadly describe our audience as people who live in areas of crisis, including refugee camps, conflict zones, and territories in situations of emergencies. As you can see, this takes a lot of different forms. The links show more details about our work and partners.

  • In Texas, we worked with Refugee Services of Texas teaching workshops for newly settled refugees.
  • In El Salvador we partnered with CRIPDES and performed for people impacted by gang violence.
  • In Nicaragua, we partnered with Fundacco to lead workshops for elementary school teachers.
  • In South Sudan and Kenya, we partner with international aid organizations like VISTAS and UNHCR

Can you offer us resources for the project?

Partner contributions come in a lot of forms. Some partners offer us on the ground logistical support. Some partners lend the clowns a car or a driver. Some partners offer room and board, or performance space. Some partners offer all of the above.

Can you help us with a safety evaluation and emergency plan?
Often, when we’re working in a place that has experienced conflict or a natural disaster, safety infrastructure is limited. This is something we address on a case by case basis, and can range from our basic code of conduct to a 360 Emergency Protocol. Our clowns don’t require a four star hotel (we sleep on floors), but we do take precautions to make sure we keep everyone safe. Are you prepared to offer your local expertise to support a comprehensive safety plan in your region, in the event that we deem it necessary?

So, are you our next project partner? If you answered yes to all of these questions, e-mail Naomi [at] clownswithoutborders [dot] org with the subject “Project Partner.”


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