The group poses with juggling clubs

Circus Magic

Montana DeBor is a circus artist and instructor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has worked with CWB – USA at a number of benefits and at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. This is her first international tour with CWB – USA.  November … Continue reading

The group poses with juggling clubs

Understanding and Action

Katel Le Fustec has been the director of CSF – Canada since 2008. She leads a team comprised of James Saint Félix (Haiti), Brigitte Charpentier (Canada), and Montana Debor (USA), along with local Haitian artists.  Katel Le Fustec The International Day … Continue reading

All four clowns stand in a row

Reaffirming Our Purpose

Ricardo Bamaca served as the logistician for CWB – USA’s August emergency tour to Guatemala. His vital role included making sure the clowns arrived to their performances on time, as well as addressing other logistical issues before and during the … Continue reading

Kids sit behind the line watching a performance

Cheering On the Clown Car

CWB – USA artist Brendon Gawel writes about how love flows in both directions, and can look like clowns performing for kids, and kids cheering on a car full of clowns.  Today we perform in a refugee camp near the … Continue reading

Bonding over Bubbles

November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and the first day of our current tour in Haiti. Clowns Without Borders’ primary audience is children, but we also perform for their adult caregivers. The UN … Continue reading

Group of girls with clown

Many Layers Of Displacement

CWB – USA artist Brendon Gawel writes about the ways that identity intersects with regional politics during CWB’s tour to Lebanon. Brendon Gawel Invisible Barriers Hannah and I are on this tour as part of Clowns Without Borders. It’s organized … Continue reading

A young lion completes the three-person pyramid

Right To Play

When we think about human rights we often think of physical well-being and immediate needs, like food, water, and safety. At Clowns Without Borders, when we think about human rights, we focus on the right to play. The Right to … Continue reading

Group of girls with clown

The “I Love You” Game

 Hannah Gaff joined the 2017 CWB – USA tour to Lebanon and returned for the 2018 tour. She writes about a creative and courageous little girl who invents a new game.  Hannah Gaff A Game to Change the World When … Continue reading

Paused train with migrants standing on top

The Spontaneous Solidarity of Migration

Thank you to Clowns Without Borders USA board president David Rosenthal, and board member Tim Cunningham for their contributions to this blog! At this moment, CWB – USA artists are on tour in Mexico, traveling north with a caravan of … Continue reading

Clowns pose on grassy train tracks

Intense, Beautiful and Life-Changing

Derrick Gilday joins CWB – USA on tour in Mexico, as the clowns travel north along the migrant caravan route. He writes about the overlapping feelings of fear and love that accompany performing in such a desperate situation. Derrick Gilday … Continue reading

Brendon and Hannah partnering act

Three Surprises in Lebanon

Brendon Gawel performed with CWB – USA during our 2014 tour to the Philippines, and he joins our 2018 tour to Lebanon. Brendon writes about the ways that an unfamiliar place can both surprise us and remind us of the … Continue reading

Clowns onstage

Never Leave Home Without It

Z Smith, who joined CWB – USA’s February, 2018 and September, 2018 tours to Puerto Rico, reports back on what’s essential, what works and what doesn’t, for a clown on the go. Z Smith I’ve just finished my second CWB … Continue reading

Clowns onstage

Zonas De Desastre

Molly Shannon, who first toured to Puerto Rico in February, 2018, writes a day-by-day diary about her impressions upon returning to the island. During this first week of shows, the clowns travel all over Puerto Rico, visiting preschool- through high … Continue reading

The group circles the stage with brightly colored umbrellas

The Many Lions of Puerto Rico

Becca Bernard joins CWB – USA for her first tour! She writes about the many different faces of leonine courage in Puerto Rico.  Becca Bernard Roar! Have you ever wanted to be King or Queen of the Savannah? Here in … Continue reading