ClownEncuentro participants gather for a family portrait, dressed in their outrageous costumes.

Hearts Wide Open

Hannah Gaff represented CWB – USA at the 2019 ClownEncuentro in Cali, Colombia.  Prepping For The Show Following the three-day workshop, we’re invited to perform our show at a home for girls in protective services. We created the show during … Continue reading

A female clown falls over toward her left hand, as she tries to sit on another female clown's lap.

Meet Ilana Levy, Founder of CaliClown

Do you ever wonder about CWB – USA’s amazing partners? We’re sitting down with project partners from around the world to talk about their organization and its relationship to CWB! Ilana Levy, founder of CaliClown and ClownEncuentro talks professionalism and forging … Continue reading

Five clowns make silly poses on a hill in Cali, Colombia

A Deep and Lasting Bond

Hannah Gaff represented CWB – USA at the 2019 ClownEncuentro in Cali, Colombia.  ClownEncuentro ClownEncuentro is a magical clown gathering that takes place in Colombia every two years (or so) and has five major objectives: learning and artistic development, dialogue, … Continue reading

Moshe walks with a smiling kid

Meditating In Guatemala

CWB – USA founder Moshe Cohen taught various workshops throughout Guatemala during his March, 2019 tour. He was surprised and delighted to find out that meditation, which Moshe brings through his Zen background and training, was a huge hit with … Continue reading

Mi Razón de Ser

In March, 2019, CWB – USA toured to Tijuana, on the U.S./Mexico border. This was a “secret” tour, which we did not publicize ahead to time, in order to respect the safety and dignity of the migrants. Darina Robles Pérez, founder … Continue reading

Tour Diary: March 26–March 31, 2002

David Lichtenstein writes from the road, during CWB – USA’s 2002 tour to Chiapas. The clowns visited many Mayan villages over the course of 12 days, and were happy to see a small decrease in violence since our most recent … Continue reading

A panorama shot of Naomi, Andres and the audience

Audience of One

Six months ago, CWB – USA wrapped our last performance in Myanmar. Over the course of the tour we spent 60 hours on planes, six hours a day in the car, and performed for over 9,000 people. Amidst all those … Continue reading

Women Have the Moral Authority

Marisol Rose Shapiro writes about the situation on the ground in Tijuana. The 2019 Tijuana tour was unlike any CWB – USA has ever done. The team performed at the border, as families waited in line to learn who would … Continue reading

Colorful balloons are laid out on a cement surface

Sharing Love

Darina Robles is the founder of Llaven nü, a social circus program in Mexico, and frequent CWB – USA collaborator. She writes about meeting a special little boy during the Tijuana tour, in which CWB performed for migrant families at … Continue reading

All the clowns squeeze inside a wooden picture frame

In Their Own Words

CWB – USA actively collects feedback from project partners and hosts as part of our commitment to ethical work. During our recent tour to Palestine, we asked our audiences to describe their experiences and interactions with the clowns. These conversations … Continue reading

Clowns Without Borders leads a workshop for Palestinian children

Workshops for Kids

Our project partner, Diyar Theatre, offers classes to youth and adults. As part of this tour, CWB led a few workshops for Diyar Theatre’s students. Ania Upstill and Matthew “Poki” McCorkle share their experiences leading a workshop.  Ania Today we … Continue reading

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