Feb 19, 2010

This is my fifth trip to Cairo to clown, and it's the best by far already. We are partnering with three local artists ...

Storytelling Workshop

On Saturday we taught a workshop for some of the guardians of children at the WWO schools. There were 30 participants ...

Reflections: Andi’s Journal

First Show with the Zapatistas
High in the misty mountains of Chiapas, live the Zapatistas of Oventic, a magical town of rotating citizens. Once in the main gate, the road is lined with cooperatives and buildings with murals all the way down the hill until you arrive at the basketball court. Not that it can be seen through all the fog, but we know its there. It is where we will be performing this

Reflections: Michal’s Journal

More than half of our trip here in Chiapas is over although not half of the excitement as we go to another zapatista caracole next week Roberto barrious, near Palenque.

Week 2: work with Deep Griha – Pune

We went out to City of Child – a home for destitute women and children – enabling them to focus on the future.

Week 1: work with CCDT– in Mumbai area

...going through the wild chaotic city Mumbai. Navigating back and forth on the highway between five imaginary lanes of Rickshaws, people, motorcycles, slow trucks, cars, buses and cows...


Project Colombia just finished its third day of performances and I am very, very excited and happy. We have already performed before approximately 2,000 children and adults! The children we are performing before live in orphanages, foster-homes, and communities so poor that many have no electricity or water in their homes.


A short update from Tim, Nov. 2, 2011.

Ode to Aweil

I hope this country can find peace. I hope these kids can stay kids and not become soldiers and refugees like their parents generation.

A Clown In Sudan

As I slowly awoke from the dream, under the churning air from a ceiling fan, the realization struck me: I really am a CLOWN IN SUDAN!
Male clown pulls a red scarf out of a official's ear. People look on and smile.

Visiting Youth in Prison

Today we performed in Juba, Sudan, for the very first time, for an audience of youth prisoners.
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