Tuesday, January 15th
Saturday, we loaded up and drove down to Ostuacan. In our convoy were the seven clowns from CHISPA, and some CHISPA staffers to take care of us. One of the clowns brought her husband, three children and one of her teenage son’s friends. There were about 17 in all, in four vehicles. I rode in the pickup truck with four others who spoke no English; the trip had a lot of silence


Thursday, January 10th
Today was our first show, at a sports complex in Tuxla Gutierrez that is serving as a refugee camp for over 800 people from Ostuacan, Tecpatan and other communities along the Rio Grijalva in northern Chiapas, which flooded this winter. The complex is called the ” Instituto de Seguridad Social de los Trabajadores del Estado de Chiapas” (ISSTECH.) Our contact for this performa


Tuesday, January 8th
Today I assisted Rudi in a clown workshop he’s teaching at El Centro Porfirio E. Hernàndez La Albarrada, a local institute that teaches literacy, conflict resolution, peace culture, organic farming, and other worthy processes. The students are literacy specialists who are working on using Clown to promote literacy. Rudi is teaching them basic scenographic structure and princip

Journal for Cairo 2007

It was so exciting to be with the girls again. They have all grown so much! We were also happy to meet new little ones too.

Alice 7/5-18/2007

We are here in New Orleans performing for kids all over the city. We are partnering with a large variety of organizations – local church groups, organizations that sprung up after hurricanes Katrina and Rita, established arts programs, a local farmer’s market

Devon 7/1/2007

The problems that New Orleans is suffering existed before the Hurricanes and exist in every American city to some lesser or greater extent, but the tragedy of New Orleans, in particular is the process of reconstruction, or lack thereof in many places.

Mindy 6/18-21/07

Signs on abandoned schools still read, “registration begins August 11, 2005” Houses are gutted and you see visible water lines. There are few signs of life.

Gwen’s Update 4/28/07

Yesterday, my clown partner, Elisa Lane, and I completed our nine-day tour of this stricken region and are still overwhelmed by the damage done to the infrastructure.

Elisa’s Update 4/24/07

Greetings from New Orleans! As many of you may already know, Southern Louisiana and Mississippi are still in a very nightmarish situation over one and a half years after the levees broke.

From Andrew

It is both shocking and awe inspiring to see a city such as Bombay with its metropolitan high-rises juxtaposed with fishing slums and extreme poverty...

From Stephanie

The experience was full of color, laughter, music, screams, ocean waves and speeding cars, some sickness, some sadness, and much, much joy.

From Cecelia

I was one of the five that arrived for the first leg of this expedition and was astonished on a daily basis by so much of what I saw, heard, felt.

From Malin

After all the trips that I have done with CWB I have never experienced two different worlds in the same place as I did in Mumbai.

Notes from Helga

… The small street we drive up to is too crowded and small for the car to drive through. We decide to walk down to the small room where the children are waiting for the weird white clowns who are coming to perform for them. I throw my accordion on my back and we walk out into the maze of people and small alleys...
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