Alice’s Journal Oct. 7th: Maseru

First a week at the SOS Children’s Village in Maseru. We taught a 5 day residency to 100 children (two large groups in the morning) and 10 youth in the afternoons. Then on to Lesotho Child Counseling Unit and Ladybrand Hospice.

Jamie’s Journal Oct 3rd.

Today is Lesotho’s 40th anniversary of its independence. The town of Maseru is in full festivities...

Alice’s Journal, Sept. 25th an Intensive Care Unit for HIV inpatients, it took me a second. A rush of tears came to my eyes and I had to breathe them back. Eyes so sunken in. Arms of bone, with a thin layer of skin. Lying there. Just lying there. I smiled. They smiled back. We moved forward.

Alice’s Journal:Friday September 15th

Home again home again, jiggity jig. Well, not my home, but a home. We are back in Johannesburg, having finished our first expedition. This past week was very eventful, playful, exhausting and rewarding. Most days, I couldn’t wait to perform … Continue reading

Alice’s Journal: Aug 31st

On Monday we return for another week with the Gogos, the OVCs and performing in the townships. I’m so grateful to be with these amazing clowns, giving laughter to beautiful people…

Jamie’s Journal: Aug 31st.

As I sit on the back veranda of Helen Smetherham’s cottage, spotted dairy cows peacefully graze before me while birds chirp on this serene spring morning in the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains in KwaZulu-Natal. Helen is the widow of … Continue reading

Jamie’s Journal: Aug 26th.

We are back in South Africa having just completed our first week of teaching and performing in the rural hills of Ufafa, KwaZulu/Natal.

Jamie’s Journal: May 27th

We have finally made it back to Pigg’s Peak where it all started 18 days ago.

Sarah’s Journal:Sunday, May 21, 2006

On this day off, I guess we have taken a simpler path in providing emotional and physical support to those who need it most. Just a friendly visit and some good food to warm the body and the soul.

Jamie’s Journal: May 20th

Beyond the routine of the shows and rehearsals, a lot of our time is spent developing group dynamics, teaching clown technique and stagecraft, and managing the logistics of feeding and organizing 8 performers.

Matt’s Journal, May 17th

Every little kid we walk past - on stilts or in a clown nose or with a simple magic trick - just laughs and screams until we leave. The shows for hundreds or thousands of them should be a blast...

Sarah’s Journal, May 16, 2006

Hello from Swaziland! We are on the road now, performing 2-3 shows a day at elementary schools and orphanages. It’s mad and hard and hilarious...

Itinerary: Sudan 2006

Our itinerary for this journey, as well as a description of our workshops.

Reflection on Project Njabulo

Overall, the expedition was a resounding success. An unprecedented number of children were affected by the site interventions ...