Come Run with US! Miles of Smiles 2014

Run, Smile, Fundraise and Join our Journey!

This year, CWB will log over 70,000 miles as our clowns travel to projects around the world and right here in our own back yard.  To celebrate this ever increasing odometer and to honor the hard work our volunteers give, for free, to this organization, we are running to raise funds.  And we want you to join us!!!!

In years past, Tim Cunningham ran over 1,000 miles barefoot to raise over $10,000 for CWB-USA.  Many other runners have joined him in races from Washington, DC to San Francisco.

Please consider taking your running habits out into the street and joining us–all to support CWB-USA.

Here is how you can join:

1) Agree to run a race this year, any length, and commit to fundraising for CWB-USA while you are running.  Email Tim ( and he will equip you with the fundraising tools you need.  You will also be featured on this page!

2) Sign up and run the Richmond Marathon on November 15th, 2014 with our team! We will fundraise together with you to share smiles around the world!

3) Donate!  Pledge to donate $1.00 per mile for our marathon run on Nov 15th.  You can give $26.20 directly to support the work of CWB.  Or go crazy and donate $2.00 per mile ($52.40) or even $5.00 ($131). Get creative with your math.  You can Donate here.

Who is on the Miles of Smiles Team?

Name and Event

Kolleen Kintz, Richmond Marathon Nov 15

Bobby Kintz, Richmond Marathon Nov 15

Chad Thorne, Richmond Marathon Nov 15

Tim Cunningham, Richmond Marathon Nov 15

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