Clowns Without Borders USA’s activities in Ecuador include running projects in remote regions and urban environments; sustainability training with local Ecuadorian artists, and an emergency earthquake relief project. Ecuador is a developing nation with what is considered a medium size economy, but has considerable petroleum reserves located within the ancestral lands of Ecuador’s Amazonian region. Multi-national oil companies have moved through the ancestral lands to access the oil and have been accused of numerous human rights violations including the dumping of toxic materials which have polluted ground water.

The following human rights problems are listed by the State Department: isolated unlawful killings and use of excessive force by security forces, sometimes with impunity; poor prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention; corruption and other abuses by security forces; a high number of pretrial detainees; and corruption and denial of due process within the judicial system. President Correa and his administration continued verbal and legal attacks against the independent media. Societal problems continued, including physical aggression against journalists; violence against women; discrimination against women, indigenous persons, Afro-Ecuadorians, and lesbians and gay men; trafficking in persons and sexual exploitation of minors; and child labor.



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CWB-USA's initial project in Ecuador in 2012 was the first phase of a 2-year partnership with Narices Rojas. In 2013, that work continued.

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