CWB-USA first performed the Greek island of Lesvos, in October 2015 to support the influx of Syrian and other refugees who have been flooding the island to escape the perils of their countries, and seek a better, more secure life. The number of daily arrivals to Lesvos reached record breaking numbers. Many continued to attempt the sea crossing trying to make a safe crossing before winter set in, and the deterioration of the situation in Syria and Afghanistan forced thousands to camp out on the coast of Turkey, waiting for the opportunity to attempt the perilous journey. We returned in February 2016 to continue our work for the population in need, only to find a vastly different political and economic environment that set the tone for refugee passage and treatment, including less than desirable treatment of NGOs who had been supporting the refugees.

Greece became a significant recipient of refugees as a result of conflicts in the Middle East, especially the war in Syria. It became the largest entry point for new sea arrivals entering the Mediterranean. Refugees exit Turkey and make a treacherous, often fatal, crossing of the Aegean Sea to reach various points along the shores of Greece’s islands. Multiple refugee camps and impromptu care locations sprang up across nearly all of Greece’s islands. Greek citizens showed immense compassion and care for the people in need.

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