Beginning January 2009 the international Clowns Without Borders community pushed for projects aimed to bring laughter to the delta area where the Nargis Cyclone hit Burma/Myanmar in May 2008. There were parallel Belgian, French, Swedish, and U.S. projects spreading out in different areas of Myanmar. Each group collaborated with Myanmar artists to create shows together which were then performed.

The disaster response missions then transformed to include sharing joy through performances and workshops at Children’s Training Schools. In Myanmar, Children’s Training Schools are state-run institutions that house children whom have been arrested by the state and placed in detention. These children are orphans, street kids, and children ‘in conflict’ with the law ranging in age from 7 to 18. These children, for the most part, do not have freedom of movement, access to normal schooling or artistic activities. They have been removed from society and completely marginalized. Until recently, EMDH (Enfants Refugiés du Monde, Droits de l’Homme) a French NGO, operated a program to bring activity facilitators in contact with the children in the 14 training schools throughout Myanmar.

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