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Honoring Sarah Liane Foster and Selena McMahan

“If either Selena or Sarah called me at, say, 3:00am on a Wednesday night and said something like, ‘Hey Tim, could you send me your left leg?’ I would wake up, start sawing, and head to the post office.” – Tim Cunningham

It is with our deepest gratitude that we thank Sarah Liane Foster and Selena McMahan for their incredible service to Clowns Without Borders USA. Both women have resigned from the board, after serving for a combined 23 years. “I am so appreciative of Sarah and Selena,” says CWB founder, Moshe Cohen. “On top of their wonderful clowning, their dedication to CWB has been one of the rock-steady foundations of our organization over many years of dedicated service. Always ready to dig into the biggest obstacles and forever taking on challenging responsibilities, they will be a hard act to follow!”

Twenty-three Years of Service!

Selena 2014 Haiti
Selena McMahan (center) in Haiti, 2014

Selena served on the board for 10 years, including as President to CWB – USA and Clowns Without Borders International. Board Secretary Tim Cunningham says, “Selena embodies the inquisitiveness of clown, asking the golden question: What if we tried this differently? She challenges those of us on the board to wonder, ‘Have we ever thought about it this way?’”

Sarah served on the board for 13 years, and is known for taking on hard tasks with determination and a smile. Tim reflects, “Some of the most meaningful lessons on life, love and resilience are lessons I learned while performing in Haiti with Sarah. I always knew that no matter what happened, if the car broke down, or if we were chased off the stage by a herd of goats (which really happened), Sarah would be there to support me, the team, and the organization.”

Clowns Without Borders International

Sarah Liane Foster

In addition to their CWB – USA board contributions, both Sarah and Selena played critical roles on the steering committee for Clowns Without Borders International (CWBI).

Alex Strauss, who replaced Selena as the president of CWBI, says, “She helped me understand the different structures within the organization and introduced me to each chapters’ history and needs. She is an inspiration to many. Just last week, while on tour in Hungary, I met a Hungarian clown who once took a workshop with CWB – USA. He said he will always remember the awesome time he spent with Selena as a workshop teacher!”

Alex also had the privilege of working with Sarah. “Working together with Sarah was a fantastic experience,” he says. “She is one of the key people who kept the organization ‘on track.’ She helped to put together a very detailed history of CWBI, thanks to her precise minutes.”

Invisible Work

Board members’ work is largely unseen. It happens in committee meetings, budget drafts, and phone calls. We can’t possibly summarize all the incredible work Sarah and Selena have done for CWB, but we look forward to sharing some of their tour blogs and remembering some of their experiences as CWB – USA artists.

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