High school students at a refugee workshop in San Antonio, TX

Education Resources for Clowns

CWB – USA receives many inquiries about clown training, and we’re pleased to regularly share the extensive (but by no means exhaustive) list of top clown schools in the United States, compiled in 2016 by our former colleague Tamara Palmer.

Now, all of North America can welcome a new formal training program for Therapeutic Clowning, out of George Brown College in Canada. Veteran clown Helen Donnelly has achieved an eight-year dream by making this program a reality. Click here to find out more about the application process.

Clowns lead a workshop for MSF caregivers, in Haiti

And of course, CWB – USA offers its own education program, Take Laughter With You, dedicated to bringing CWB programming to domestic refugee communities. Learn more about our process and drop us an education-related line, by clicking here.


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