What do you look for in a performing volunteer?

CWB – USA volunteers are professional performing and/or teaching artists, with a high level of skill and experience in clowning, physical theater and/or circus. Performers are chosen from our internal database by the project coordinator. Some projects are principally performing, some are principally teaching, and some are both.

Clowns Without Borders looks for individuals who:

  • are excellent performers with solo material that can entertain a crowd of 500, without language;
  • and/or have professional teaching experience and excellent teaching skills in aspects of clown and physical theater.
  • can collaborate with other physical theater artists to create new material quickly.
  • are funny!
  • have unique performance skills, such as music, circus skills, juggling, magic, etc. that will enhance the show. Balloon sculpture is not useful and only a minority of projects have the possibility of aerial work.
  • are excited to help fundraise for the project.
  • have the availability to potentially become a regular (1–2 projects per year) CWB – USA volunteer.
  • have traveled to developing countries, are organized, self-sufficient and fun to be with.
  • bonus: Speak foreign languages.

CWB – USA volunteers should be responsible, respectful, fun, and feel very personally aligned with the mission of Clowns Without Borders.

If you’re interested in volunteering in a non-performing capacity, we would be thrilled to meet you. Click here to fill out our non-performing volunteer form, and send a brief introductory email to nicole@clownswithoutborders.org

If you’re interested in contributing to CWB – USA, but you’re not sure how, or, you have some creative ideas we haven’t listed, send an email to info@clownswithoutborders.org.

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