Find Your Funny Workshop Returns

Clowns Without Borders returns to the Omega Institute this summer to host our professional development workshop, “Find Your Funny.” Four professional Clowns Without Borders artists will provide an array of clown and physical theatre training from July 2-7, 2017, on site at the gorgeous Omega Institute campus in Rhinebeck, NY. Helpful for teachers, social workers, medical professionals, community leaders, artists, and performers, this workshop helps you find the funny that’s already inside you—and inspires you to spread your joy to benefit others.

Clown is more than the nose, more than the costumes and much deeper than the make-up. We are here to work with you, as you are, to explore YOUR funny. No costumes, no noses, no make-up needed.

Experience? Not needed! We will present you with eight playful sessions that span from storytelling and the historyIMG_0636_Find Your Funny 2016 of CWB-USA to exploring playfulness in your own body and within a group of people. We will study traditional forms like slapstick and physical comedy and also experience ways to find fun with common objects and the often intimidating unknown.

Instructors: Hilary Chaplain, Kali Quinn, Kolleen Kintz and Tim Cunningham
Tuition: $430 plus accommodations





Session 1: “A Home with CWB: Stories”

Facilitator: Tim Cunningham

Tim will welcome the group with verbal and physical introductions. A few games that share the essence of clown will be included.  The whole team of teachers will spend the session intertwining stories and experiences of working with CWB so as to lay a foundation of understanding about the richness of this work.


Session 2: “Jump into Clown”

Facilitator:  Kolleen Kintz

Why clown? This work helps you become more present, authentic, and open, through embracing the power of play. This workshop is a “flash in the pan,” a vigorous and exciting introduction. We will warm-up and play games in groups of various sizes and solo to work towards finding your inner clown.


Session 3: “Creating Character through Movement”IMG_0629_Find Your Funny 2016

Facilitator:  Kali Quinn

This session will play with and give new vocabulary to how we can use the architecture of our body, breath, gesture, and space to create an expansive range of characters and contexts. Enjoy learning about how the physical affects the metaphysical and discovering what access points work best for you.


Session 4: “Slapstick and Physical Comedy”

Facilitator:  Hilary Chaplain

Here you will learn how to create funny moments from a place of honesty and vulnerability that give your audience permission to laugh at your sense of play. Working solo, in duos and groups, we will learn the techniques of traditional slapstick that make us laugh.


Session 5: “Embracing the Unknown”

Facilitator:  Kali Quinn

Based in physical exploration and mindfulness, this session will encourage you to recognize your relationship to fear and uncertainty, expand your sense of humor and awareness, and with the compassionate and creativity of clown, connect to others and play with abandon.


Session 6: “Musicality in Comedy”

Facilitator: Kolleen Kintz

Rhythm and musicality are a big part of comedy. Finding the music can help you develop comedic timing. By exploring through group and solo exercises, we will look at punctuation in movement and the “rhythms of funny.”


Session 7: “Playing with Objects”

Facilitator:  Hilary Chaplain

IMG_0625Everyday objects can become great sources of fun! Using puppetry techniques combined with the world of the clown, we’ll create stories and find the humor in the world of objects.


Session 8: “Closing Circle”

Facilitators: The group

This session will wrap up the work we’ve created during the week.  Time to reflect on how to move forward in our funny will be key in our discussion and play.

Find Your Funny and register today!

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