Playing with bubbles at the Spring Fling. Fun-raising.

By Kolleen Kintz

On Saturday, April 30th, from 1-5pm in the afternoon, about 25 friends, new and old, gathered in Baltimore, MD, for an afternoon to remember. The event was called Spring Fling with the Clowns! The mission was simple: have FUN! Baltimore resident, Alessandra Torres, graciously opened her beautiful home, providing a perfect atmosphere for community members to come together and celebrate Clowns Without Borders.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alessandra, who like Lucy Shelby (a Brooklyn resident who recently hosted a similar event in NY), is one of the incredible people opening their home and their heart to the clowns. These events, which are much more FUN-raisers, than FUND-raisers, provide an opportunity for CWB volunteers to foster meaningful and long-lasting relationships with new faces in the community. Not to mention, a chance for residents to show off their gorgeous homes.Girl in a blue wig and over-sized sunglasses. Spring Fling fun-raising.


My name is Kolleen Kintz, I have been a volunteer with CWB since 2011. There is nothing I love more than bringing together people I love for some GOOD TIMES. Unfortunately, my narrow Baltimore townhouse doesn’t fit more than a handful of those people at a time. I have an abundance of energy and ideas, but limited space to host. I needed a space where people could bask in the sunshine and enjoy having fun in the casual comfort of a home. Alessandra’s space did just that, setting the stage for a very successful Spring Fling!

Clown performance, Spring Fling. Fun-raising.

The spacious backyard allowed room for parachute games, hula hoop competitions, bubble parades, dance parties, and even a BOUNCY HOUSE! Guests made their own party favors, juggling balls to take home, out of rice and balloons. CWB volunteer and photographer, Bobby Kintz, snapped photos of families dressed in their clown best, beneath the weeping willows. Friends brought delicious vegan treats and indulgent sweets. The back patio, typically set with furniture, doubled as a perfect stage for a brief clown show. The event was so successful that the clouds parted and the sun came out to join the party.  

  Hula hooping at Spring Fling. Fun-raising.                    People in funny costume, Spring Fling. Fun-raising.

At one point during the event, I stood back and marveled at the power of connectivity. Families and friends taking the time out of their busy Saturday to come together and have fun. It is these events, the intimate and engaging, that I love the most. It is here where beautiful memories and friendships can be made. I want to thank our hostess for making it all possible, and everyone who came out to learn more about Clowns Without Borders and embrace the spirit of play.

Playtime at Spring Fling 2016. Fun-raising.                    Clown buddy-carry at Spring Fling, Fun-raising.

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