Honoring Molly Levine

Molly is surprisedClowns Without Borders is shaped by its volunteers and often, we talk about how these professional artists share their performance skills. Today, we want to tell a story about a very different type of volunteer. 

Five years ago, Molly Levine started volunteering with Clowns Without Borders USA in the office. Since then, she has filled many different roles, including Executive Director, and played a critical in role creating a long-term vision for the organization. Part of her vision was to evolve CWB from a volunteer-run organization to one with staff, as we are today. 

In addition to championing the strategic growth of the organization, she attended to the details of coordinating our tours. Molly is the person who, with grace and patience, waited on hold for hours when flights were missed or baggage lost. She worked with each artist to make sure they were supported before, during, and after tour. Whether the issue at hand was homesickness, heartache, or bellyache, Molly made herself available. 

In addition to serving CWB – USA, Molly has also been a valuable asset to Clowns Without Borders International. Through her participation in the General Assembly, she helped create a shared emergency response protocol, among many other contributions. Sarah Liane Foster, current CWB – USA board member and CWBI representative, shares that Molly listened astutely across linguistic and cultural boundaries to people from 12 different countries, and held space in which everyone felt heard and understood.

Today we are honoring Molly because she has accepted a stupendous new job, and is stepping down from her role as Program Director. We have learned so much from Molly, who can often be heard saying, “Collaboration is greater than competition,” and “Rising tides lift all boats.” Molly epitomizes these adages in all of her work. We can’t wait to see what she does next, even as she continues to support CWB – USA as an advisor during this transitional period and beyond. 

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One thought on “Honoring Molly Levine

  1. Molly, thank you so much for all your hard work dedication and passion you put into CWB these last year’s. You’ll be missed, congratulations on your new venture good luck and see you down the road.

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