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Introducing Kaitlin, our intern extraordinaire!

As a part-time, remote staff, we don’t have the capacity for an internship program. We field a lot of internship requests, and send a lot of sad e-mails about how we can’t take on interns.

Until Kaitlin.

Kaitlin performed with us on the December 2015 Turkey trip. When she asked to intern, we sent her our standard reply, “We don’t have the capacity for interns at this time.” Some time passed, and Kaitlin kept popping up. Most recently, she volunteered with our recent show in D.C.

She was a force of nature. She met us at 7:00 am on Saturday and worked with us until 3:00pm on Sunday. She schlepped, rehearsed, performed, schlepped some more. On the car ride home, after 32 solid hours together, she proposed an idea for an internship. We made an exception to the no-intern rule.

Kaitlin is working with us to expand our outreach program so that we can fill our summer with friend-raising events. She is stepping in to support our goal to friend-raise and being an ambassador for CWB.

In addition to the DC event, she supported artist Brendon Gawel at Philadelphia’s West End Art Festival. Together, they put on a performance and answered questions about our work. She attended a screening at Brooklyn College, and share stories about her her trip to Turkey.

In August, Kaitlin will teach workshops at the University of Virginia, and she’s the organizing powerhouse behind an exciting Brooklyn event on August 13th.

Here’s a little bit more about Kaitlin:

Why is clowning important to you?
Because it’s fun! With the red nose on, it’s all about playing with an open heart and inviting people to play with me. I can be sillier, bigger, messier, and it’s not a problem. It’s a game and celebration! I feel free to revel in how sublimely dumb and imperfect I am. It has helped me to take myself, and life, less seriously.

clowns perform in turkey

You performed with us on the 2015 project to Turkey. What’s a moment from the 2015 project in Turkey that has stayed with you ?
There were so many powerful moments on that trip but, ah, this is a good one! We (The Project Turkey 2015 CWB team) had just finished our tenth performance. I was starting to get into my head because I was having trouble with my solo piece. After the show, the clowns went out to join children. I was stuck in my head and blocking myself from connecting with the children. Then, I look over a my friend and fellow clown, Ezgi. She’s speaking in Turkish with some of the older children. I can see her listening deeply. There are tears in her eyes. I go over to her and ask how she’s doing. She turns to me and says, “The children are thanking us for coming to visit them. They had thought the world had forgotten them.”

And then this feeling of clear, calm understanding washes over me like a cold bath. How insanely irrelevant and selfish my self-doubt is! My heart opens. I become present to all the beautiful faces looking up at me. Connection and love is the most important gift I can give them. I gather the children around and ask for their names. They tell me and together we shout the names at the top of our lungs so the world can hear us.

a clown in a turkish refugee camp

What are your dreams for CWB? How are you helping us grow?
My general dream for CWB is that more people know about, talk about and support the organization. My short-term dream for CWB is that lots and lots of people attend the Benefit Show at The Muse Brooklyn in August and have loads of fun.

What is your favorite road trip snack?
Ohhh, for summer roadtrips, I gotta go with frozen red grapes!

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