A girl wears a red nose onstage with two clowns

It’s World Circus Day!

Happy World Circus Day, from CWB – USA to you. It’s an extra-special day to celebrate all the zany, creative, risk-taking, hilarious and joyful circus folks we know and love.

CWB – USA performing volunteers are all professional artists with performance and/or teaching skills, and we are continually humbled by their generosity and adaptability. Take, for instance, Bekah Hammond, who didn’t let the icy, muddy ground stop her from giving unicycle rides to kids living along the Balkan Route:

Bekah rides a unicycle in the Balkans

Or, our multi-national team during the Turkey, 2017 project, which bridged multiple languages, perspectives and skills to perform for Syrian, Turkish and Kurdish people.

A tiny boy mischievously crouches onstage

Or, Kimberly DeAngelis and her daughter, who donated their time to perform a mother-daughter trapeze act at our Washington D.C. fundraiser this year.

Mother-daughter trapeze act

These artists are just a tiny sample of the amazing circus folks CWB – USA gets to interact with every day. We are so grateful for you! Thanks for making the world a more beautiful place.

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