Make Laughter Abundant for All on Giving Tuesday

The burdens of dealing with tragedy don’t always leave room for humor. When hardship is prolonged, we may not even realize that we lost the sense of joy, the desire for wonder, or the freedom to play. In places where many resources are scarce, Clowns Without Borders works to make laughter abundant. We hope you will take action and support this work.

Gabi Winters recently volunteered for Project Kenya 2016, where she worked in the extreme environment of the Kakuma Refugee Camp. Camp population is closing in on 200,000 people, and more than half are minors. The camp residents are two clowns double summersault at kakuma refugee campin a constant state of survival and uncertainty about their futures. Moments of laughter are scarce.

Gabi learned very quickly that her interactions needed to make the audience feel safe. She built trust through affection and attentiveness, using every opportunity to connect with those around her. Through small moments of connections, and by keeping an open mind and an open heart, we see a great transformation.

Clowns Without Borders frequently travels great distances to reach those in crisis. At its core, our work is to create small moments of laughter. I invite you to do the same. Take laughter with you.

The world is changing. We can shape how it evolves. We can encourage curiosity, compassion, and courage. We can amplify kindness so that the disenfranchised are laughing children enjoy the clown performance at kakuma refugee campgiven a voice. Take laughter with you, and take a moment to share laughter with others.

Join us now and support our mission. A small gift helps us share laughter with those in crisis; who are displaced and without a home. Laughter takes no space in a suitcase and can bind us together through times of struggle.

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