A New Test for Volunteer Form

Volunteer Performer

Do you have 10-15 minutes of solo material ready for a crowd of 300 or more without language or cultural reference?
Describe your professional level skills in clown, physical comedy, physical theater, circus, music, and other performing arts:
List briefly your professional performing experience:
Do you have experience with creating collaborative theater very quickly? Describe briefly your experience.
List briefly your high-level training in physical theater, circus, and other entertainment arts.
What skills do you teach proficiently?
Describe your professional experience teaching theater, circus skills, and other related arts.
Do you have experience teaching with little or no language? Or teaching difficult populations or working with kids/adults in crisis? Briefly describe your experience.
Please list two professional references for your performing and teaching abilities and include their contact information. (it is especially helpful to list someone who has volunteered with Clowns Without Borders):
Have you been on a CWB trip before? Done social clowning/theater with other organizations or other kinds of humanitarian projects? Tell us briefly:
What languages do you speak well?
Do you have experience traveling or living in developing countries or crisis areas?
Do you have any additional skills that may be useful on a Clowns Without Borders project such as project management, fund raising skills, writing skills, first aid, etc.
Performing/teaching website, if you have one:
Video link - can be YouTube channel or URL, or a page on your website:
You can upload a performing/teaching resume here. No photos please.