Drummers from Kakuma camp carry drums on their heads

News From Kakuma Camp

Drummer Methode Asenda, from Kakuma campCWB – USA has a history with the Kakuma Refugee Camp of Turkana County, in the north west region of Kenya, dating back to 2015. During our subsequent tours, we have had the pleasure of building relationships with some of the people who live there. Desire, one of the resident’s of Kakuma, is the founder of PETA (Providing Education To All) and has told us that CWB’s presence at Kakuma helped strengthen their drumming program.

When Desire asked us to share some of PETA’s accomplishments, we were happy to do so. Here’s what Desire has to say about PETA:

“In 2015, eight PETA drummers were given the chance to go to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, to perform at the Alliance Francaise for guests of the UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency). In 2016, PETA drummers welcomed UNHCR visitors to Kakuma at the Kakuma airport. And in 2017, 19 students, from Burundi, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, the DRC and Tanzania graduated from a six-month English language course.”

When CWB clowns return to perform for communities which have previously hosted us, we’re often told that our work has had a lasting impact. We are very happy to hear that the memory of our performances supported PETA’s ongoing presence in Kakuma Camp.

English language-learning graduates at Kakuma camp
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