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Colombia July 2013

July 2013

CaliClown – Pasos de Payasos – Clowns Without Borders

CWB partnered with local clown organizations CaliClown and Pasos de Payasos to share laughter with families facing structural violence, poverty and discrimination. Our team performed shows and offered workshops in Bogotá and Cali from June 30-July 12th.


Location Date Institution Activity Audience
Bogotá Wednesday 3 July10am Community Center “Lourdes”, in the neighborhood Las Cruces. Show 250 school children from 5-15 years old. (65 from them with special needs)
Bogotá Wednesday 3 July3pm “Tercer Acto” Theatre Juggling Workshop by Lucho and Willmar 12 teenagers,   who study and work in the community Theatre “Tercer Acto”
Bogotá Thursday4 July9am Kinder Garden in Ciudad Bolivar Show 98 kids from 1 year up to 5, plus 20 teachers and staff
Bogotá Thursday4 July9am “Mornés” school for kids in Protection by the Government Show 120 students (7-17 years old) plus 15 teachers and staff
Bogotá Friday5 July3pm “Tercer Acto” Theatre Workshop by Audrey and Gaby 10 teenagers,   who study and work in the community Theatre “Tercer Acto”
Bogotá Friday5 July7pm “Tercer Acto” Theatre Show 70 kids and parentsfrom the community
Mesitas del Colegio Saturday6 July10am Public Plaza, Mesitas del Colegio Show 70 kids and parents
La Victoria Saturday6 July10am Public Plaza- La Victoria Show 80 kids and parents
Guachinte Monday8 July2:30pm Primary School “Centro Maria Auxiliadora” Show 50 kids and 10 parents
Villapaz Monday8 July4:30pm Public Plaza Show 60 kids and 20 adults
Robles Tuesday9 July9am School “Institución Educativa Presbitero Gomez Gallo Workshop 40 teenagers, from the Group “Culpazcon, jovenes contructores de paz”
Robles Tuesday9 July4pm Soccer field of Primary School “Luis Antonio Robles” Show 300 kids and adults
Chagres Wednesday10 July9am Public Plaza Show 45 kids and 10 adults
Quinamayo Wednesday10 July3pm Public Plaza Games and Show 55 kids and teenagers
Potrerito Wednesday10 July5:30pm Public Plaza Show 250 kids and adults
Jamundí Thursday11 July10am Elderly Home “Cottolengo” Show 39 senior citizens and 5 staff
Total 13 shows, 3 workshops 1609 audience in shows and workshops!!!!!




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