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Cairo 2006

Our job on this trip is to provide the space and time for children to simply be children.

All the schools we are visiting on this trip are dedicated to providing education for refugees from Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Congo, Somalia, and more, Christian and Muslim alike. These refugees are unable to attend schools with Egyptian children due to the extreme racism against blacks living in Cairo, and the fact that a lot of them are illegal residents not registered with UNHCR (United Nations High Commission of Refugees).

The Sudanese refugees come to Cairo for a better life, most often forced to flee their homeland. Most refugees have come here knowing only their native tribal language and now have to cope with the stress of joining a foreign education system and adapting to a huge city, new culture, and facing the effects of poverty and racism everyday. The stress these children face on a daily bases is unfathomable.

Read the journal below for an in-depth account of our experience…

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