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Cairo 2007

Project Egypt visited Cairo, Egypt for the third year in a row. The majority of the children we saw were refugees from Sudan living in inner-city Cairo. Some other groups we visited were Egyptian orphans, children with cancer or developmental disabilities and refugees from Iraq, Palestine, Eritrea and other counties. Most of the children we have visited in previous years and are we are starting to develop individual relationships with many of them.

cairo2007_withkidsIt was a very different experience this year traveling with a man. Gwen and I experienced much less harassment from Egyptian men when we were traveling with Dave. A key contact we made this year was with Sawy Culture Wheel where we performed three shows. Sawy is a multi-stage performance space able to accommodate large audiences and the ability to reach children from different marginalized communities that we have yet to make contact with. We hope to establish a continued relationship with them in the future.

The participating artists were Elisa Lane (Project Director/clown), Gwen Rooker (returning clown), David Odonnell (clown).

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