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Chiapas 2001

Tons of photos and more info here: http://www.wordwiseweb.com/peace/chiapas/

Rudi Galindo,
Bryan Welch,
Moshe Cohen,
Bernie Glassman



Date Location Audience Size
Rudi Galindo and Bryan Welch’s Journey
April 14th St Cristobal: Colonia Cinqo de marzo 150
April 15th St Cristobal: Colonia La Paz 35
April 16th St Cristobal: Cathedral show 250
April 17th Jitotal 150
April 18th La Laguna 100
La Laurel 200
El Bosque 400
April 19th Berlin 75
Oventik 200
April 21st San Cristobal-Santa Domingo 100
Moshe Cohen, Bryan Welch and Bernie Glassman
April 22nd San Juan de Huixtan 100
April 23rd Chaonil (near Oxchuc) 150
April 24th Chaonil (reperformance) 100
Zona Urbana ( community of Oxchuc) 150
April 26th Acteal Abejas 200
April 26th Yibelho (Nuevo) 125
Moshe Cohen and Bryan Welch
April 28th Cuchilla Santa Rosa (near Tuxla) 75
April 29th Emiliano Zapata (near Tuxla) 180
Casa Kopling 25
April 30th Bario Relicario 125


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