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Colombia 2011: Clown Encuentro


For the last three years, Clowns Without Borders has partnered with local clowns in Colombia to participate in some extraordinary community performances and workshops. The Clown Encuentro is a one-of-a-kind ‘meeting of clowns’ in South America. It offers daily workshops and presentations from performers from around the world. Each afternoon participants join in ‘fabricas’ in which they train together intensively to build an intervention which they bring out into communities in and around Bogotá. The clowns will perform in hospitals, community centers and streets in impoverished communities.


Continuing our efforts in Colombia, CWB-USA sent four Colombian volunteers on a project in the rural areas of the city of Pereira in March, 2011. The clowns provided workshops and performances for children in this area.  Casanare is a department located on the eastern plains region of Colombia, on the border with Venezuela. Since the 1990’s it’s been subjected to large-scale oil exploration and extraction by companies such as BP. This has had severe social repercussions for the communities of the area, causing extremely harmful changes in society and culture.

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