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Guatemala y El Salvador 2010

Volunteer artists:

Sayda Trujillo, artist/teacher CWB USA
John Leo, artist/teacher CWB USA
Kali Quinn, artist/teacher CWB USA
Stephane Gue, artist/teacher host and organizer PROYECTO PAYASO
Lorena Roff, artist/teacher LA CAMBALACHA

CWB returns to Guatemala for a third time since 2005, when Hurricane Stan destroyed communities in the northwest highlands. Our work in Guatemala this time will consist of performances for all ages as well as clown workshops for youth and their teachers. Our main collaborator in Guatemala is Stephane Gue, director of Proyecto Payaso, an organization dedicated to raising  awareness around HIV/AIDS through clown performances and workshops. Our collaborator in El Salvador is Robyn Braverman with Save the Children.  El Salvador was recently (November 2009) hit by Storm Ida leaving thousands homeless and without access to basic needs.  There we will perform in schools and provide youth groups with skills that allow them to use creative theatre in their organizational work and in their communities. Although we will only be in El Salvador for 3 days, in that time we will visit 5 different communities.  In Guatemala we will spend time in remote communities outside Quetzaltenango, Sololá, Suchitepequez, and Izabal.

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