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Haiti Hurricane Relief

Traveling by Tap Tap to Les Cayes for Terrestrial Des Hommes show.
Traveling by Tap Tap to Les Cayes for Terrestrial Des Hommes show.

We at CWB are very, very happy that our final program of 2016 was in support of Haiti Hurricane Matthew relief. It was led by performer and veteran to CWB USA and Haiti, Chris Yerlig. On Friday, December 16th, Chris Yerlig (USA), Naomi Shafer (USA), and Camilla Rud (Sweden) headed to Haiti for a very special 10-day performance tour, in collaboration with many of our Haitian artist friends and collaborators, and in cooperation with CWB-Sweden. Our multi-lingual artists utilized their skills for this trip and spoke French, English, Haitian Creole, and Swedish, to ensure clear communication and keep those jokes rolling for all! The artists are experienced performers, mime, jugglers, and musicians.


A pair of non-traditional audience members.

It has only been two months since Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti. We were surprised when our local partners reached out and asked us to come over for Christmas. We asked: Is it too soon? Will people want to see a show? Will we be able to travel? Is it safe?


The answers are complicated. The aid effort has been tremendous, but many people are still without basic services such as adequate food, shelter, and water. Our local partners have told us that laughter is needed right now too, especially during the holiday season. After several weeks of assessment, we are thrilled to be able to share laughter and levity with communities in several different regions of Haiti. It was a whirlwind of planning, but the consistent communication and coordination helped to make this project successful for everyone involved, and most importantly, allowed our team to connect with as many children as possible. Check the project blog posts for insights into the activities on the ground. You can always view our Instagram account @clownswithoutborders to see snapshots throughout the duration of the project, courtesy of Naomi.

Naomi gets ready for a show.
Naomi gets ready for a show.


To learn more about Haiti, please CLICK HERE to check out our posts from previous programs. To learn about our End of the Year fundraising campaign, and support our continued ability to serve our mission and run grassroots, collaborative projects like our Haiti program, CLICK HERE.

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