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India 2012

Project Purpose

The intention of this project was to work in areas within India that were crisis zones among populations of children that have been marginalized by society and living in extreme poverty. We had invitations from three organizations, including Mobile Creches, Salaam Baalak Trust, and The Teheleka Foundation.

In addition to working in Delhi, we worked in Jaupur and Tilonia, in Rajasthan. Here we performed and provided workshops at the Barefoot College and Digantar, organizations working with rural children to sustainable solutions and education.

We worked with children defined as juveniles living in observation houses and who were considered in conflict with the law. We also worked with the Crèches and Daycare Centres where they care for children of itinerant workers at construction sites and in slums. Finally performed for several 24-hour shelters for homeless boys and girls.

Partner organizations:

MOBILE CRECHES,  Daycare centres on construction sites for children and also work with children in eight slums in the city of New Delhi

SALAAM BAALAK TRUST, The trust consists of five 24-hour full care shelters for children, one being devoted to girls.

THE TEHELKA FOUNDATION – Expressive Arts Therapy with Juveniles in Conflict with the Law

Participants: Audrey Crabtree (artist), Hilary Chaplain(artist), and Dianna Hahn (support)

We want to thank Operation Sock Monkey for their generous donation to this project and for supplying the Mobile Creches, one of our partners, with 30 sock monkey delegates! We know it sounds a bit crazy, but these little handmade monkeys are a great resource for working with children. The Mobile Creches plans for teachers at the centers to use the sock monkeys for story telling with children. Here is a great video about how Clowns Without Borders South Africa has used the monkeys with their projects.

Thank you Operation Sock Monkey!!!

Press: Daily Mail, Delhi India, February 28, 2012

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