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Indonesia 2010

Volunteer Artists: Anna Zastrow (CWB USA), D’dy Soker and Dan Roberts (Hidung Merah)

In collaboration with Hidung Merah and Save the Children for project in Padang, and with Hidung Merah for Jakarta.

Anna Zastrow joins Dan Roberts and D’dy Soker (Indonesia based Hidung Merah artists) in Sumatra.

Anna writes: I have now been in Indonesia almost two weeks and it is time to report in! I am here joining Dan Roberts and his Hidung Merah (Red Nose) Circus and together we will bring clown joy to children living in disadvantaged or distressed conditions.

We are visiting poor villages around Jakarta, as well as the earthquake victims of Padang, and will possibly venture to Aceh, still recovering from the 2004 tsunami and civil unrest, or Sulawesi, where communities are caught up in religious conflict.

Read her updates below for a detailed account of this great collaborative project.

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