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Kenya 2016

We are thrilled by the efforts of our incredible team of four artists who shared performances and workshops with the people living in the Kakuma Refugee Camp, the largest and oldest refugee camp in the world. This project is our second year of partnership with UNHCR Kenya, and we are grateful to bring laughter and smiles into this rather difficult spot on the planet. In the course of 17 days, Clowns Without Borders offered 12 shows, 13 workshops reaching out to over 4300 children and parents.

UNHCR stands for The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, also known as the UN Refugee Agency.

Map of Kenya
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The Kenya project ran from August 28 to September 17, 2016. Volunteers Lucho Guzman Cardozo, Melissa Knowles, Henrick Bothe, and Gabi Winter made up our all-star team. The volunteers are an international group. Coming from the USA, Colombia, and Brazil, this team built on and expanded the workshop programming initiated during last year’s project in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. In addition to holding multiple performances, the clowns also helped refugee camp inhabitants develop new circus arts skills.

It was important to teach new skills to the youth, many of whom were born in and are growing up inside the camp. Life in a refugee camp is typically limited in work and education opportunities. Furthermore, the artists sought to foster positive relationships and trust-building with those living the inside the camp. Clowns Without Borders were emissaries of peace, happiness, and community, and demonstrated that there is #ResilienceInLaughter.

For more information about the Kakuma Refugee Camp, check out last years project page here. Support the volunteer performers and their efforts in Kakuma. Visit our donate page and make your contribution to Resilience In Laughter!

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