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Lebanon December 2014

We’re super excited to return to work in Lebanon!

Clowns Without Borders-USA will be going back to Lebanon in December 2014 for some serious fun!

After our last trip in June 2014 where we performed for over 3,800 Syrian refugees, we were asked by MAG http://www.maginternational.org and LMAC http://www.lebmac.org/ to join their mine risk education team in their tour for two weeks.

Lebanon is a country that endured a long war and it is estimated that one in five of the population is affected by mines and cluster munitions in Lebanon. On top of the cluster bombs contamination dating from the Israeli-Lebanese 2006 war, there is also the presence of land mines and unexploded ordnance caused by the 15 years of civil conflict that ended in 1990.

In the last year MAG has cleared  868,189m² of land, removed and destroyed 673 unexploded ordnances, 761 cluster bombs, and directly helped 80,579 men, women and children.

We are thrilled to have been invited to join their efforts.

Clowns and mine education?

What a challenging theme!
A group of international clowns – Samantha Holdsworth from CWB-UK, Sabine Choucair from Lebanon, Jan Damm and Clay Letson from the US – are preparing themselves to hit the road by December 1rst and tour 20 different Lebanese villages and schools around the country.

We will be in Batroun, Nabatiyeh, Jezzine, Rashaya, Hasbaya, West Bekaa, Merjeyoun, Tyre and Bint Jbeil.

Look for red noses in red cars!

Lebanon 2014
Lebanon 2014
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