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Haiti Tour IV 2010

This October (2010), three CWB volunteers visited Haiti to visit temporary camps run by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Port-au-Prince.

During the whole of the 2010 series of projects, the clowns offered 8-12 performances reaching 4,000-5,000 children and the broader community, a number of circus/theatre workshops with children and hold two half day training sessions for IRC educators in teaching circus and theatre games to build capacity for play activities to continue throughout the year.

Volunteer Artists: Gwen Rooker, Jay O. Dunn, Julie Pasqual
Project Manager: Bruce Macphail


Our team’s first performance. The sound of the children cheering their pyramid-high friend still rings in my ears!

This is one of 5 trips to Haiti in 2010.  CWB-USA President Tim Cunningham explains more in his letter regarding our efforts in response to the devastating earthquake in January 2010, which you can read here.

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