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So You Want To Be a Clown?

Do you dream of running away to join the circus? Have you ever tried on a red nose? If you want to meet your inner clown, or take your craft one step further, come take a clown class with us!

CWB only works with professional performing artists. One of the beautiful contradictions of clown is that it often looks easy and relatable. That ease is the result of hours of training. Take the first steps on your clown journey, or deepen your craft, at one of these programs:

Clown Camp: June 9–14, Lacrosse, Wisconsin

Join CWB Executive Director Naomi Shafer at Clown Camp. Since 1981, Clown Camp has trained over 5,000 aspiring and seasoned clowns from around the world. This program offers a choice of 70+ hours of clown classes.

Information and Registration.

Clown Encuentro : June 27–30, Cali, Colombia

“We believe in the power of the clown to heal, unite and transform our society.” Clown Encuentro is four days of performances, workshops, and presentations. Meet CWB’s long-time partner CaliClown, and take workshops with CWB board member Sayda Trujillo.

Information and Registration.

Dell Arte Summer Intensive : June 24–July 12, Blue Lake, California

Study physical theatre with CWB board member Sayda Trujillo. Each day includes five hours of classes, plus additional rehearsal time. Students will focus on voice, awareness, dynamic play, and mask.

Information and Registration.

Alte Poste Kulturforum : July 23 – 27 Nuess, Germany

Discover Zen Clown Street Work with CWB – USA founder Moshe Cohen. What happens when you take your clown to the streets? This is an opportunity to explore clown and lightness, culminating in clown actions in public.

Information and Registration

Ravensurger Sommer Akademie : July 28 – August 3rd, Ravensburg, Germany

Join CWB founder Moshe Cohen and other world-class teachers for an intensive clown week. Moshe’s workshops will focus on Deep Clown. Through Butoh dance exercises participants will slow down and hone their connection to their inner clown.

Information and Registration.

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2 thoughts on “So You Want To Be a Clown?

  1. I am keen on learning clowning. I run a volunteer based group Clownselors in Delhi, we are engaged in hospital clowning but do not have a formal training. Would love to train with you.

    1. Hi Sheetal, How great to hear. We don’t currently have any programming in Delhi, but will reach out to you if that changes! Thank you for the great work you are doing!

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