A brief note from A New Day Cambodia

I’d like to thank you both for bringing such wit, humor, joy, character and laughter to A New Day Cambodia.

You left quite the impression our students. When asking for comments to provide you with, the standard response of the students in the room was to burst out laughing, impersonate juggling, and hop around the room on one leg. Not many people can claim to have such a unique reaction and association! Below are a few words from your avid audience, and life long fans.

Koun Srey Leak – I think it’s very good for us to see they do the presentation and especially they do the trick. It’s very good, I like it. I hope you can come to do a trick for us again. And, we wish you have a good time to do the trick for the children in your country and other country to get happier.

Ly Kosal: I think it is very wonderful because it looks so good. *chuckles*

Phorn SreyPheak: *eyes light up* I think it special for me I never see before. I wish them have good luck.

Mao Rarem: Hello how are you? I want to see you again. And do you want to see me? *giggles* *ponders what to say next* I am very happy when you come here. I miss you I want to play clown. Already.

Brak Phala: You play clown very well. I want to study it. When do you come? I miss you so much. Do you miss me? You know, I want to meet you again. Where do you come from? I am very happy to see you play a clown. That’s all about me. Thank you! *runs away in hysterics*

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