Clowns juggle clubs in Colombia

An Update to Our Itinerary

CWB – USA only goes where we’re invited. You’ve probably heard us say that before, but it’s an essential part of our code of ethics, helping to support the safety of our artists and collaborators, and contributing toward the relationships we’re able to build with local communities.

Part of the deal, though, is maintaining a delicate responsiveness toward changes in the countries, camps and autonomous zones we visit. When you’re a guest, your invitation can be formally, and not-so-formally, revoked.

Recently Colombia elected a new, right-wing, president, who has vowed to overhaul the existing peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) guerrilla group. The inauguration of incoming president elect Ivan Duque will take place during the CWB – USA tour to the Department of Cauca, a region heavily affected by guerrilla activity, and in which the majority of voters did not support Duque. Additionally, our local collaborator in Cali, Colombia has told us that an existing cease-fire type agreement will expire during our tour, and the way guerrilla groups might react is largely unknown.

For the safety and security of all our performers, CWB – USA and Cali Clown have decided to stay closer to Cali, building relationships with civic and social service institutions, while venturing into the Department of Cauca when and if possible. We still retain our relationships and contacts with the people in that region, and look forward to working closely with them to organize as many shows as are safely possible.

If you’re in Cali and are a potential audience member, we’d love to hear from you. Email naomi[at]clownswithoutborders[dot]org to be in touch with our Executive Director.

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