Back Story

Back story. I (Moshe Cohen, Founder) have come over to Japan on a Clowns Without Borders collaboration with the Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Smile Ambassador program. The Tyler Foundation’s focus is on childhood cancer, however following the Tsunami/Earthquake disaster last march, they, like many groups in Japan, have looked to support relief efforts. So these past four months, Guy Totaro, as Niko Niko Taishi (smile ambassador) has been traveling to the area to bring laughter and smiles to the children.  His efforts, which were initially focused on the emergency shelters, have gradually shifted towards the schools. He has also started to bring other performers with him. In Tokyo last week, I taught free workshops for performers wishing to participate in the program focusing on clown improvisation and creating material for performances. Now Guy, his assistant Keiko, and I are in Ofunato for ten days to do shows in elementary schools and childcare centers in the region.

Tokyo Workshops Day 3. Busy teaching workshops to potential volunteers who are looking to bring their performing talents up to the Tohoku region. I’ll be heading up there myself with Guy Totaro and Keiko Fukumoto in a few days for 10 days of performances.

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