Burma/Myanmar – Conclusions

Assessment of activities

This project is the best international collaboration in the CWB arena so far. The ‘work’ done was a very powerful force that was quite effective in bringing laughter to areas where it is needed. The performances were of very high quality, and quite funny and have been very well received. Collaborating with Myanmar artists, creating performances through rehearsal process in the country proved highly successful as well, and allowed to incorporate local as well as Western culture into the shows. The workshop activities with Educators, Activity Trainers and Team Leaders was highly successful and worthy of the trip just on it’s own account. There is a very high value in offering alternative methods (circus, mime-clown) for working with children in difficult situations.

Assessment of future possibilities

There is little doubt that this type of collaboration should be pursued in the future, and not necessarily just in Myanmar. -the international collaboration involving several cwb groups offers potential as a way to take advantage of the resources each group offers: financial, artistic and logistical. -the international collaboration between local and visiting artists provides a much deeper well for artistic creation, and can result in a show that is more pertinent and accessible to the country visited -the workshop component deserves greater attention and expansion. This reminds me of the work done in Djakova, Kosovo (1999) I did with teachers and students, applying clown and circus methodology to deal with traumatic situations. There is a strong potential to use constructive fun, creativity and expression ( physical/movement, vocal, humor) to work with children who have experienced/are experiencing difficult situations. -Training educators and trainers was especially significant. It was clear that the work was very valuable, and that the training needed more time and depth for the participants to have a better understanding and grasp of the techniques taught. It was apparent that the work proved very useful in the field, and would be more beneficial if the training was more extensive.

Assessment of Partners

This project would not have been possible without the extensive collaboration of our local partners, and for CWB-US, our CSF, CUG and CMSF partners. The local partners made it possible to reach the delta areas. EMDH navigated the beurocratic waters to apply for and receive entry visas as well as travel authorizations. All the local partners collaborated extensively to facilitate our travel, lodging, communications and logistics for setting up the shows and workshops. In the case of CWB, the larger groups, CUG Sweden, CSF France, and CMSF Belgium, supported my participation, logistically and financially, without which it would not have been possible for me to participate in this project. It is probable, that as a veteran of many CWB projects, I was able to lend a hand of experience to the overall accomplishment of our goals.

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