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Circus Magic

Montana DeBor is a circus artist and instructor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has worked with CWB – USA at a number of benefits and at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. This is her first international tour with CWB – USA. 

November 24

Tomorrow marks the 2018 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the start date of our tour in Haiti. Too often, the experience of displacement or war includes sexual or gender-based violence (SGBV). This tour focuses on reaching victims of SGBV and raising awareness about the issue. I’m so excited to perform with this team and make some circus magic happen!

The first several days of our tour in Haiti focus on creating a show discussing the global safety and rights of women. As the only American aboard this international team of artists, I enjoy hearing everyone’s differing cultural experiences regarding SGBV and feel inspired by our common goal to create change. We meet with Aksofam, a group dedicated to working with survivors of SGBV, to discuss solutions for violence in Haiti and the non-Haitians in our group learn a little about the arts community here. I’m so impressed by the acrobatic and object manipulation fortitude of the Haitian team! We have several more days to continue to creation and discussion prior to our show debut Monday. Un alayyy, allons-y, here we go!

Demain marque la Journée internationale pour l’élimination de la violence à l’égard des femmes de 2018 et la date de début de notre tournée en Haïti. Trop souvent, l’expérience de déplacement ou de guerre inclut des violences sexuelles ou sexistes. Cette visite vise à atteindre les victimes de violence sexuelle et sexiste et à sensibiliser le public à la question.

Enchanté de travailler avec cette équipe et de créer de la magie du cirque!

November 30

We strap three people and a violin to a motorcycle and weav our way through rush hour traffic to make it to the Quatre Chemins Arts Festival on time. Haiti’s creative community is filled with some extraordinary artists. I enjoy being part of the evening!

Nous avons attaché trois personnes et un violon à une moto et nous nous sommes frayés un chemin dans les embouteillages pour se rendre au Festival des Arts Quatre Chemins à l’heure. La communauté créative d’Haïti est remplie d’artistes extraordinaires. J’ai aimé faire partie de la soirée!

December 1

Music, theater, dance, acrobatics, and juggling combine to tell the story of non-violence and cooperation. After a long day of rehearsals we’re ready for today’s show!

La musique, le théâtre, la danse, les acrobaties et la jonglerie se conjuguent pour raconter l’histoire de la non-violence et de la coopération. Après une longue journée de répétitions, nous sommes prêts pour le spectacle d’aujourd’hui!

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