Day 2: More Performances

Another great day for the CWB team! Three wonderful performances for over 800 people that were all full of laughter and gratitude for us coming to share happiness. Our first performance was accompanied with a down pour of thick drops of rain which added to the excitement for everyone. Partner pass juggling in the rain can be done! At the end of our first performance of the day we were mobbed with love, joy and hands in the shapes of hearts. These children had been through a lot as at one time they lived in a jungle of coconut trees which are now all flattened. Yet the joy they radiated was very bright and their laughter was even louder. As we continued into the forest that was no more, we found ourselves in two coastal villages that were hit very hard by the storm serge. These audiences had a mixture of age groups from the smallest muscle man volunteer to the hard working rebuild crews.
One village had prepared the most adorable native dance performance to give us thanks for our show! The children were very happy to watch, play, and enjoy something out of their own reality even more so since Typhoon Yolanda (Hayaian) has affected their lives so strongly in such a short time. Not just the little children either, but the child in everyone including grandparents, uncles, aunties, tough guys and the whole village. Everyone was smiling and thanking all of us clowns. It seemed our silly ways had touched more than just the surface of these remote villages, but more to the inner joy that everyone’s hearts long for in times of need. All the joy ~ The CWB team
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