Day 4: Last day of first Workshop

Our last workshop day opened with a few more games, it was our goal to give the youth as many games as possible that they could share with the children while at the same time offering them a workshop that was stimulating and supportive for their own personal exploration of theatre, clown, and performance. When we arrived we could see the youth running around squeezing in extra rehearsal time after breakfast to prepare their homework we had given them the day before –show us something funny. The performances were funny and were even incorporating techniques and games we had taught in the previous two days.

Since they’d seen us perform in red nose the day before, we wanted to have some time to share the nose. We introduced the nose and worked to incorporate the nose into their funny performances.

They performed their pieces again with our feedback –this time, in nose. The workshop space was filled with cheers and laughter. The staff at the space and drivers and neighbors were poking heads in to see what was going on. This was becoming a trend.

workshop2At break we asked the youth to reflect on what they’d learned so far and asked them what we should spend the rest of the time with. The majority of them wanted more games they could play with young children back in their village. And so the afternoon was spent playing more games –Worms Go Home, 40 Chairs, Zip Zap and Invisible Balloon. By this time, the level of friendship, trust, and energy among the group was palpable. Cheers and screams of delight erupted from the group as we played the simplest games for children. I found myself on the floor sandwiched between Nadin and MG squealing in delight and then delicious horror as I failed to find a home to get my worm to safety. I chuckled to myself at how childish I was behaving, and how little I cared.

As we closed the workshop and reflected on our time together, the youth shared gratitude, eagerness to use the skills with children, and a further desire to continue exploring and learning this work. There was also a great deal of appreciation, fascination, and reverence for the power and potential with clown. Tomorrow we’re off to Leyte for another three day workshop.

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