December 8th, 2014: One week in Lebanon!


It’s now been one week since the clowns arrived in Lebanon. Hello from Jezzine! Apologies in advance, I’d like to write more but currently I’m doing all communication via my phone when wireless is available.

The trip so far has gone smoothly. Sam, Clay, Sabine and myself have got on well and we’ve performed 8 shows at diverse locations around the country. The public school students we’ve performed for have been very responsive with laughter and applause, and also seemed to be responding to the landmine safety message integrated into our show.
We’ve spent part of our time based in Beirut, a buzzing and hip city with people from all over the world filling its cafes and shopping streets.  However, as in so many small countries, once you drive just a few minutes outside the capital the towns become much more rural in character, and there are many signs of the war and upheaval that has plagued Lebanon in its recent history.
We are currently based in the southern town of Jezzine, and I’m glad we’re able to come to such a place and provide some silliness and simple fun to the kids. Not to mention offering an alternative image of Westerners to the one they may be getting.
We’re gonna keep plugging away with the only weapons we brought…hoops, bubbles, kazoos, smiles, high fives and pratfalls.  Till next time, enjoy the pictures I was able to snag below…
Lebanon_2014_Clay and Samantha
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