First update

pedro_michaelMore reinforcement of the work we’ve been doing. So… as of now we have performed for over 3000 kids in some of the more rural, more mountainous areas of Haiti. It has gone really well. We have beautiful views of rolling hillsides and are sharing stories with the people of Haiti about their experience of and after the earthquake. It has been quite inspiring to hear how the people of this place have kept hope, however, hope seems to be running out. The aide not arriving, the tent structures that were made for short term help are falling apart and the cities are still in disarray. Our show, has provided some relief. The children crowd around us with focus, curiosity and joy. After each show they follow us as our musical procession leads to the cars. We say goodbye and they wave as long as we remain in view. In fact, on our journeys to and from, we have seen children in multiple places and on multiple occasions, trying to juggle rocks. We have inspired them to pursue and practice a new skill and they laugh as we encourage them to keep practicing. These children are so hopeful, so bright, so open, they are a joy to be around and for the time that we are with them they can live in the world of a clown, a world that is buoyant in the face of adversity, a world that can laugh at itself, a world where interaction provokes play and play provokes

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